Urbex involves visiting interesting buildings and locations.

For most explorers, these are places that are abandoned and/or places that are off-limits and unseen by the general public. 

The "Urbex-Code" is “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”, there is wisdom in this.

I am vocally against taking anything from a location, ever. It isn’t mine, so this is theft. As responsible humans we should always take our litter home with us. We should endeavour to leave these places as we found them. This includes no graffiti/tags, as well as causing no damage.

For me it all started in 2021 when a good former friend asked me to go out together for an exeptional Urban Exploration. At first, I didn't know what it was, so I went along without any kind of expectations. However once we were on site, and I will never forget, I had that excited feeling to get started.  It was a beautiful empty church that had served his years. I had trouble capturing everything, because there was so much to see and to much to capture...
Fortunately, I managed  it  alongside an experienced Urbex photographer.

However, I also learned very quickly about the jealousy and envy within this world. Before I knew it, I was listed on a black list next to "the best of the best" Urbex Photographers. Honestly, I didn't even understand why, but it made me laugh a lot. 

Also the allegations that some of them "easely" makes towards other photographers that you weren't there or stole "their" picture...  It made me suspicious of wanting to post something in urbex groups. I apologize for this, but this is mainly my main reason why I prefer to keep it on my own platforms. 

That's also why, I've been taking my mascot "IT" with me since april 2022. I can always prove I was there.... I found him at an exhibition of a friend of mine, just before I went to a new Exploring adventure. It was also my first day that I went to a location without my trusted buddy. Sometimes you need to start a new chapter in your life.... Also i wanted an Urban name tag... so my old name came back to life... Nomelix.

For me, Urbex is leisure. However, it is not uncommon that I am asked to record something on request. 

The camera i use is not important as my vision - it's what you see that counts and plenty of practice. I am capturing images is RAW which I later make a master file from in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Sometime i happens that I make a picture with my mobile phone.

You will not only find my abandoned places here, but also some vacation trips (Historical Trips) and museum visits. 

I hope you will enjoy my work and if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitated to leave your remarks at the contact file.

Don't use my contact file for asking a location, I won't give them to you.